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To find a unique cultural experience at the centre of the Secwepemc Nation in the centre of B.C., go directly to Quaaout Lodge & Spa at Little Shuswap Lake, near Chase, B.C., and ask at the front desk for the cultural coordinator's office.

Then prepare for an illuminating afternoon. Frank Antoine and Tanner Francois run a vigorous culture program at the Quaaout Lodge & Spa. They offer a variety of cultural outings with different levels of teaching and exploring. This spring Tanner supervised the building of a dugout canoe with participation of school children and youth from the area. The Little Shuswap Indian Band supplied a cottonwood log and experienced carver who went to work with Tanner and company to produce a dugout that was tested on the lakes and rivers this summer.

The grounds of the popular vacation facilities begin with Quaaout Lodge & Spa that features a first rate hotel, conference centre, restaurant, health and wellness spa, and top-rated 18-hole golf course called Talking Rock Golf Course named after the Secwepemc petroglyphs in the immediate area. In addition beside Little Shuswap Lake is a feature kekuli, the traditional housing modality of the Secwepemc people who inhabit the territory. In Secwepemc history these fascinating structures provided a permanent housing solution used on a seasonal basis. They were built near the lake shore out of digging a few feet down then roofing the building with a lattice of heavy beams to support earth and plant life on top.

"The (subterranian) door of the kekuli was the women's entrance and faced the water," explained Tanner Francois, "since it was the women's task to gather water. The (slightly elevated) roof of the kekuli was open and provided the men's entrance." The common misconception is that householders burned a fire on the floor of the house, but, Tanner explains, "They traveled south of Little Shuswap Lake and gathered volcanic rock. They heated these rocks to red hot in a fire outside the kekuli, then hefted the stones into the lodge and kept the house warm all through the winter with radiant heat."

Much of the cultural work revolves around land, "Our land is the keeper of our stories and history. Respecting our water, wildlife, plants, and medicine has always been part of the way we choose to live on this land. It is our responsibility to protect these natural resources for our generations to come," says the Secwepemc Nation. The cultural coordinators deliver an educational program about flora, fauna and human interaction in the traditional territory.

No matter what time of year you visit the Shuswap Lake region, there’s always something going on. With each special event held at the Quaaout Lodge and nearby, guests are invited to experience the unique culture, rich heritage and breathtaking natural attractions of the First Nations landscape. From seasonal events to engaging interactive programs for guests and locals, they have something for everyone. View their calendar of events
The Little Shuswap Indian Band is very proud of Talking Rock Golf Course, designed to be Perfect for all levels of golfer. "Talking Rock Golf Course has been the pride of the Little Shuswap Indian Band since opening in August 2007. On the shores of Little Shuswap Lake, a unique golfing experience awaits." The course was designed by acclaimed Canadian architects Graham Cooke and Wayne Carlton. It hugs the territory near the Quaaout Lodge & Spa and meanders through a mature, sandy forest before ending with a breathtaking 18th hole extending along the Little Shuswap Lake shoreline. 

"Minimal alteration of the diverse landscape was required, creating a course of natural and rugged character that demands strategy and thought from players of all skills and abilities. Whether you are an experienced golfer or just learning the game, Talking Rock Golf Course offers a wonderful challenge for everyone and stunning scenery with every shot."​

Quaaout Lodge & Spa

Unique Culture, Rich Heritage and Breathtaking Natural Attractions of the Secwepemc Landscape at Quaaout Lodge & Spa

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