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What About Drones?

​WFCA Sees Replanting Season in a Covid-19 Light

Unprecedented Increase in Surveying, Sowing and Planting



WFCA 2024 - Lacey Rose and Russell Claus 

BC Summer Planting Winding Up/Down After Some Delays and Strains

Tsilhqot’in Nation Enhances Compliance and Education in Territory

Bushpro Quality Tree Planting Equipment Website

Tsilhqot’in Nation Celebrated Mushroom Harvest Success 

. . . and Study of Provincial Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Model for all Remote Resource Workers

Poll Finds Logging Road Deactivation Widespread and Hazardous

In recent years, a new priority in fire protection has emerged in British Columbia (B.C.). "Structure protection trailer units have been put in service by the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) and other jurisdictions. Structure Protection Unit are used to protect homes, commercial buildings and all structures threatened by Wildland fires," said Jake Jacobson of Wildwood Resources Ltd. in Salmon Arm, B.C..
      Jacobson says the province has several Structure Protection semi-trailers that are dispatched quickly with trained personnel to communities that are threatened by a wildfire.  

Government Consults on Proposed FRPA Legislation Changes


Taking the temperature of a planter as part of pre-work COVID screening on a crew in the South Interior of British Columbia (slightly to the left of the middle of nowhere)

WFCA Board of Directors Revises Members’ Code of Conduct 

Remove Plastics from Planting

Chief Joe Alphonse

FireWise Consulting Online Training

NALMA Raising Professional Standards in First Nation Land Management

FESBC Welcomes Applications for Wildfire Risk Reduction 

The Mechanics of Better Training

S100A Refresher Course Keeps Forest Fire Fighting Safety on The Front Burner

WFCA Annual Meeting 2023

FireWise Consulting

Prototype seed planting drone with LIDAR

For planting trees

How Not to Get Ransomed by Cybercriminals​

Western Forestry Contractor's Association
s100a course $20

A Landscape Ecologist, a Mayor and a Sociologist Walk Into a Forestry Conference…

Shouldn’t It Be The “New Abnormal”?

Ts^ilhqot’in have shown significant leadership in this area.

​Fed Report Says B.C. Falling Short on Meeting Climate Change Challenges

It’s been an animated year so far for B.C. forestry conferences. The TLA annual convention was well attended again. The 2019 ABCFP conference was sold out weeks in advance. And the WFCA event at the end of January had the largest attendance ever. For those of us who organize these things we like to think it’s our programs that are so attractive. But there’s likely something else drawing people together lately in such strength.

City of Kimberley Advances Wildfire Risk Reduction with Support from FESBC

Tŝilhqot’in Respond to Independent Wildfire Review

Returning to Prescribed Burning is an Old Idea to Make New Again

B.C.’s Major Forestry and Harvesting Contractor Associations Request WorkSafeBC Pilot TEAAM . . .

New Chief Forester in BC

Indigenous Jurisdiction an Ancient and Modern Reality​

TEAAM’s Recent Dramatic and Possibly Life-saving Missions Show Value of HEMS Service to Resource and Wilderness Adventure Sectors