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Hello Friends and Colleagues,

Indigenous Building Knowledge Exchange (IBKE) was developed to address the needs for knowledge transfer services to Councils or individuals working on new or renovation construction projects.

Over the years, FNNBOA found there are large demands for an organization to deliver know-how and guidance to Indigenous communities in the construction of new or existing buildings. IBKE is introduced as a pilot project to address these many of these challenges.

The objectives of IBKE are:
1. Provide build knowledge and capacity to Indigenous communities who seek or want any guidance or assistance to ensure construction project functions.
2. Provide expertise in construction knowledge, capacity, and risk.
3. Facilitate the construction knowledge process.
4. Share information, abilities, and ideas among the Indigenous communities.
5. Encourage construction innovation.
6. Identify and collect knowledge on construction projects and establish a best practice inventory.
7. Deliver valuable knowledge and feedback on the construction systems that have the potential to create problems for the communities during construction.
8. Provide impartial narrative reports (if required) especially where “politics” become involved in the decision making for construction contracts.
9. Offer technical building education workshops and presentations.

How does IBKE work?

Knowledge transfer services will be triggered by individuals need for knowledge who are working on a new or renovation construction projects.

A written request is made by the individual. Legal forms will be required to protect FNNBOA and the experts from any legal action as the community will always be the authority having jurisdiction.

An  individual can contact FNNBOA any time during any the pre-construction (site testing, plan review, tendering etc) and construction and post construction stages asking for knowledge.

Based on the needs and availability, knowledge experts will be assigned to help the community. The knowledge experts will be assigned the specific tasks based on the work (e.g., the knowledge expert will provide the community with 40 hours of expertise). The knowledge expert will then send an invoice to FNNBOA for the work completed.

Most importantly, the communities are not charged for these knowledge transfer services.

Learn more about IBKE services:


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