FNNBOA announces a new section on their website called the “Indigenous Contractors Corner."

Here, contractors and subcontractors working in Indigenous communities can find information about training and how to access copies of the building codes, fire codes, national energy code just to name a few.

Housing professionals and technicians can also find valuable information to help in their decision making.  Here, you will find an important report FNNBOA has just released called “An Overview of Residential Construction Occupation, Skill Requirements and Wages” Download the French version here.

This document provides an overview of the approximately 30 key construction trades for new residential construction. Many Indigenous communities hire these construction trades to build new or renovate homes but, may be unaware of the required expertise or the wage to pay for these trades.

Visit the Indigenous Contractors Corner.

Article supplied by FNNBOA in 2019

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FNNBOA launches "Indigenous Contractor's Corner"

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