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. . . as the new Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

BC Salmon Farmers Welcome Minister Lebouthillier 


CAMPBELL RIVER, BC, Jul 26, 2023– BC Salmon Farmers welcome the Honourable Minister Diane Lebouthillier as the new federal Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard (DFO) and look forward to discussing the importance of the salmon farming sector here in British Columbia. 

“We understand Minister Lebouthillier is from a fishing community,” says Brian Kingzett, Executive Director of the BC Salmon Farmers Association. “We appreciate the appointment of a Minister that understands the opportunities and challenges of resource-based communities, especially in relation to the federal salmon farming Transition Plan.” 

Farm-raised salmon is BC's largest aquaculture export and, before 2020, created over $1.6 billion in economic activity annually in BC. The salmon farming sector supports the federal government’s visions and goals by providing thousands of jobs and rural economic opportunities which support healthy and thriving communities, families and poverty reduction.

BC Salmon Farmers are committed to meeting the challenge of continued innovation through our ongoing transition of the sector to achieve higher standards of environmental responsibility while further reducing potential impacts on wild salmon populations.

The sector is prepared to continue to bring further investment and opportunities for rural coastal communities in British Columbia. At the same time, maintain the smallest environmental footprint of all animal protein-producing industries. Salmon farmers in BC are committed to the sector’s transition principles of supporting First Nations' right to self-determination, reconciliation and tripartite governance with Indigenous rights holders. Salmon farmers in BC can provide sustainable sector growth while aligning with Canada’s Climate Change Plan and Blue Economy Strategy, developing broader Trust and Transparency.

“We are ready to meet with Minister Lebouthillier, along with our members and the First Nations whose territories we operate in, to learn more about the sector and the role of salmon farming in supporting poverty reduction, economic growth and sustainable food production in BC,” says Kingzett. “We look forward to learning more about our new Minister, her vision, and how we can align.”



BC salmon farmers are committed to reconciliation and operate under multiple agreements with First Nations in whose territories they operate. These agreements are founded upon recognizing First Nations’ right to exercise jurisdiction over the land, resources, and waters within their territories.

Farm-raised salmon is BC’s highest-valued seafood product and the province’s top agricultural export, generating over $1.2 billion for the provincial economy and creating thousands of jobs. Additionally, farm-raised salmon provides a nutritious and sustainably produced protein with a low carbon footprint that contributes to Canada’s food security and Blue Economy.

The BC Salmon Farmers Association represents over 60 businesses and organizations throughout the value chain of finfish aquaculture in BC. Our members account for over 95% of the annual provincial harvest of farm-raised salmon in British Columbia.

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